Council narrows group of applicants for city administrator


The Stephenville City Council has narrowed the field of candidates for the job of city administrator from about 30 to 14. Applications have been taken since September by Strategic Government Resources, the executive search firm that is assisting the city with the process of filling the position that was made vacant by the resignation of Mark Kaiser.

“We had some very strong candidates that were presented to us. Monday night we chose those we felt we’d like to look at further. We intended to get that group down to 10 or 12, but there were such good people we didn’t want to eliminate anyone prematurely so we settled on 14," said Mayor Kenny Weldon. “From that group we’ll pick four to six for in-person interviews and select the new city administrator from those people. We’re very confident that we’ll get an extremely qualified person from that pool to fill this vital role for the city.”

Currently, Stephenville Police Chief Pat Bridges is serving as interim city administrator. When the position is filled permanently, he will return to his duties at the police department.