What happened in America the year J&D's first opened?

J. MICHAEL ROSS michael.ross@empiretribune.com

Jake and Dorothy’s Café opened its doors at its present location at 406 E. Washington Street 66 years ago in 1948. To put that in perspective, in 1948:

• The population of the United States was 146, 631,302

• A first-class postage stamp cost three cents

• The average price of a new car was $1,250

• The average price of a new home was $ 7,700

• The federal minimum wage was 40 cents per hour

• The average annual income was $3,187

• Harry S. Truman was president

• ABC-TV was founded

• TV shows Howdy Doody and Meet The Press first aired

• Only one million American households had TV sets

• The board game, Scrabble was introduced

Source: Happy, Healthy Baby Boomers!