Sechrist 63rd Family Reunion Held

Staff Writer
Stephenville Empire-Tribune

On Sunday, September 2, 2012, sixty-four descendants of the Sechrist family gathered for the 63rd Annual Family Reunion in the Stephenville City Park Recreation Hall. The family descended from pioneers of Stephenville. Solomon Sechrist first settled in Erath County in the 1870’s, followed by his brothers Levi and Elias. Descendants of Andrew Sechrist, a nephew of the three brothers and another Texas pioneer, also attend the reunion. Following a family photograph and lunch, family members enjoyed an afternoon of sharing Sechrist history, photographs, genealogy and fellowship. The oldest man in attendance was Lloyd Earl “Shorty” Adams of Stephenville. The oldest woman in attendance was Nina Shipman of Lexington, Kentucky. The youngest girl was Adrianna Harrison at 5 1/2 years old, daughter of Todd & Claudia Harrison of McKinney, Texas. The youngest boy was Christopher Moss at 7 years old, son of Matt & Rene Moss of Cleburne, Texas. Steve and Nina Shipman, descendants of Andrew Sechrist traveled the farthest to attend this year’s reunion – coming from Lexington, Kentucky. There were also many of the Sechrist descendants that traveled in from the Lubbock area and from Arkansas for the reunion. Deaths reported since the 2011 reunion included Bob Groves in August, 2012, and David Vaden of Stephenville on December 16, 2011. At the Reunion, we also learned of the tragic accidental death of Jeffrey Wayne Johnson, the 3 year old great-grandson of Frances Davis. Our prayers continue for Frances and her family. The night before the reunion, 40+ relatives enjoyed dinner together at their traditional gathering spot of Jake and Dorothy’s Café in Stephenville. The 64th Sechrist Family Reunion will again be held on Sunday, September 1, 2013 at the Stephenville Recreation Hall. The family has gathered every Labor Day weekend at the hall since their first reunion in 1950. For more information about the Sechrist Family Reunion or to receive Sechrist Family newsletter mailings, contact Steve Sechrist at 817-447-6559 or by email at