Dublin police catch break in burglary investigation

BY JESSIE HORTON jessie.horton@empiretribune.com

The Dublin Police Department is still investigating the numerous burglaries in the area, but caught a break this week. According to Dublin Police Chief Lannie Lee, the break-in at Pizza Pro on Monday night garnered new evidence.

"We had three more break-ins Monday night, but the Pizza Pro had security cameras inside and we have footage of the suspects," he said. "And while they did have their faces covered, we have a good description of the two involved."

Lee said the three burglaries on Monday are the latest in a string of burglaries that have plagued the Dublin area. However, what was different about these burglaries were that instead of residences, which the majority of the break-ins have been up until this point, these were businesses – Pizza Pro, Dublin Auto Sales and another local business.

While the department has yet to prove there is a link between the burglaries, Lee said catching the two young men involved in Monday's burglaries would be a step in the right direction. He said the two men are in their mid to late teens.

Lee said officers are working diligently to bring the case to a close, and is asking residents to be vigilant and take extra steps to stay safe.

"We're asking that everyone lock up their vehicles and their homes," Lee said. "If possible, keep outside lighting on, be aware of your surroundings and take note of suspicious people walking in the area."

Lee said a call to the department on Monday had officers and Erath County Sheriff's deputies searching the area north of Dublin, near Thomas Street, for a possible suspect who was seen walking toward a wooded area.

However, the schools were not on "lockdown" but rather notified of a potential danger in the area. He said the doors to the school were locked and school officials were made aware, but an official lockdown was not in place.

"We never went into lockdown," Dublin ISD Superintendent Dr. Rodney Schneider said Wednesday. "We increased our cautiousness and were more aware of our surroundings."  

Lee said if residents see someone who looks suspicious or fear their home or business has been burglarized, they should call Dublin Police Department at 445-3455.