Stranded couple wants to thank motorcycle angel


Someone once said, "Go the extra mile; it's never crowded."

That sentiment proved true for one couple stranded on the side of the road Sunday in Fort Worth.

Gene Smith and his wife live in Fair Oaks Ranch. They were on their way home Sunday morning from San Antonio when they had a blow out in Fort Worth.

"We hit something in the road and our tire went flat," Smith said. "We were stuck in the middle of nowhere."

Smith and his wife are 80 years old and trying to change the tire in the heat of the morning was going to be a trying task.

Then help came roaring down the road, whizzing past the couple before turning around to help.

A man on a motorcycle - a tall, slim fellow who looked to be in his mid 30s to early 40s - got off his bike and changed the tire.

He never told the couple his name and refused to accept anything for his help, but he did mention the fact that he was from Stephenville.

Smith called the E-T early Tuesday morning to share the uplifting story. It was a fitting tribute on the 11th anniversary of 9-11.

"I just wanted to salute him for being a good samaritan," Smith said. "I gave him my business card, but I will probably never hear from him again. I just felt moved to share this story."