Arrest affidavit outlines alleged rape


As the investigation into accusations against a former Erath County sheriff's captain continues, the Empire-Tribune has discovered more details about the case.

According to documents obtained by the E-T, Terrell Dickerson, 64, who was arrested and charged with sexual assault, has been accused by a female employee at the Erath County Sheriff's Office of rape. Case reports provided by Wise County (where Dickerson was charged) state that the victim allegedly reported the incident to a supervisor with the department and Texas Ranger James Holland was instructed to investigate.

The arrest affidavit states that during an interview on Aug. 16, Dickerson admitted to having sex with the victim but said it was consensual. According to the documents, Dickerson told Holland he would play with the victim's breast or put his hands down her pants while in the office or halls of the sheriff's department and that the actions were "welcomed advances."

Dickerson told Holland that two or three months ago, while touring the new jail, the two began kissing and while he did not know who initiated the kissing, Dickerson said he asked the victim if she was "going to make love to me." To which he told Holland the victim responded "yeah."

Holland also interviewed the victim, who reported that the harassment began three to four months ago when Dickerson began "brushing against her breasts and behind."

The victim told the investigator the alleged rape occurred when she opened a door to a closet near the new weight room and Dickerson came extremely close from behind. She said she then stepped away from Dickerson and into the room. At that point, the victim said Dickerson stepped into the room behind her and shut the door.

The affidavit states the victim said Dickerson pushed her against a wall in the room, pulled down her pants and raped her. When it was over, she said Dickerson said, "I'll burn you, remember this is ok."

When interviewed by Holland on Aug. 23, Dickerson reportedly said the incident "happened the way she said" but that he did not push her.

"I didn't intentionally rape her," Dickerson said.

In the affidavit, Holland noted that Dickerson repeatedly changed his story and retracted a majority of his original statement.

When speaking with Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant, Dickerson reportedly said, "Boss, I'm sorry I had sex with her but it was damn sure consensual."

Dickerson was booked into Wise County Jail on Thursday, Sept. 6, and bonded out on $10,000 bond the same day.

According to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education, Dickerson had been a licensed officer since 1971. He joined the Erath County Sheriff's Office in 1997, six months after records show he left the Dallas Police Department.