Baritone player wants to spread passion for music

Autumn Owens Twitter @aowensETnews
Ismael Garcia will continue down a music path after leaving Stephenville High School hoping to spread his love for music as a teacher.

Ismael Garcia has a true passion for music and though this is his last year playing in the Stephenville High School Yellow Jacket Band, he plans to instill his love for music into others as a teacher.

Garcia plays the baritone, but that wasn’t the first instrument he picked up and made a switch the summer before his freshman year.

“I started on the trombone and I just thought I would experiment with another instrument and I just like baritone better so I taught myself how to play it,” he said.

Garcia said he’s really enjoyed all the memories he’s made in band and playing music.

“I want to go to either Tarleton or UNT to major in music and this year really my main goal is to just get my GPA up so I can attend either one of those schools,” he said. “I want to do to either performance or teaching, but I’m leaning more towards teaching. Seeing how the conductors have an impact on the kids, I want to be a part of that as well so I wouldn’t mind being a teacher and show kids how to play music.”

As a field captain and co-section leader, Garcia has responsibilities as a senior.

“I set up the field and co-section leader we kind of take turns and if something is needed then we just see who’s there first,” he said. “If someone needs help with a note or if they need copies of music, then we help them.”

A big inspiration in Garcia’s life are his parents.

“They’ve helped me throughout my band career and have always been there when I’ve needed them,” he said.

Though he may not travel too far away for college, Garcia will miss the place he’s come to call home after he puts down that SHS baritone.

“I will definitely miss the football games and my band family,” he said. “That’s mostly what I have here and that’s always going to be something I remember.”