Meet the front ensemble section leader

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Seth Barberee plans to attend Texas A&M University where he will study computer engineering after graduating from Stephenville High School in May.

Seth Barberee first picked up a bassoon in sixth grade and is now the section leader for the front ensemble as a senior in the Stephenville High School Yellow Jacket Band.

“Nobody was really playing (the bassoon) and whenever we were trying out the line was kind of short. I walked up to it and I was told - because of my overbite that I had at the time - I was a perfect fit,” he said.

As a senior, Barberee has responsibilities that include helping with equipment and the underclassmen.

“I just kind of keep the morale up in the band,” he said.

After graduation in May he plans to attend Texas A&M University to study computer engineering.

“I’ve always synced with computers. I’ve built my own computer and I can code,” he said. “I’m hoping to be a computer hardware engineer where I can build computers and mess around with them. Considering I’ll be in engineering at A&M will be a lot. I’m trying to get my bachelors and masters (degree) in five years.”

Barberee enjoys music and will miss Stephenville High School once he’s gone.

“I enjoy the expressiveness. You can change how people see music depending on what you play,” he said. “I’m going to miss the small town feel, going to College Station from this is going to definitely feel different.”