Senior trading in costumes for scrubs

AUTUMN OWENS Twitter @aowensETnews
Riley Forehand, Stephenville High School senior, plans to attend either Abilene Christian University or Oklahoma State University to pursue a nursing degree.

Riley Forehand has been involved in the Stephenville High School theatre program working to design sets and acting during his senior year.

“This year I really like the energy and environment. Everybody in there is so friendly, there’s not ever an awkward moment; at least for me,” he said. “I’m in a play called Dearly Departed (One Act Play) this year and I’ve never had a part this big in a play, so that’s exciting. I don’t care about big parts, I think just being there and having the energy and being with everybody is what makes it really fun for me.”

Besides his big role as a reverend in the high school’s One Act Play, Forehand will also be playing Lord Capulet in the upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet and discussed his strategy in memorizing lines.

“What I do is lots of repetition. Whenever I get time I just repeat line, repeat line, repeat line, I mean that’s really it,” Forehand said. “ I’ve heard that a really good way to remember has to do with coloring. You color different passages of line in different colors and then you’re suppose to get a coloring book and as you color, say the line that color is associated with. I had never heard of it, but I’m going to try it.”

Though he has a passion for theatre, Forehand has plans to attend college and possibly become a nurse.

“It’s still a little hazy, but I’ve already applied and gotten into ACU (Abilene Christian University) and Oklahoma State University. I’m thinking I want to become a nurse, but I’m not sure,” he said. “I could go to nursing school at ACU, but they don’t have nursing school at OSU so I’d need to think of something different there.”

Forehand said if he does choose to do anything with theatre in college, he’ll go back to his roots of design or costuming.

“Acting is fantastic, but I think if you want to act in college, you kind of have to go all into it and I don’t know if I’m always going to have time to memorize all those lines,” he said. “But I guess if I could do anything in theatre I would like to go back into designing stages, making props - I think that is really fun.”

With his time coming to a close at SHS, Forehand said he will miss Stephenville.

“There’s so much. I’ve been going here for four years and I mean you don’t really know how much you’re going to miss it until it’s gone,” he said. “I think what I’m really going to miss is for one thing, friends. I’m going to miss the teachers, most of them have been phenomenal, and I’ve gotten really close with a couple of them. Just the little feeling of this whole town, just the way the school feels and the way it flows.”