Students/staff at SISD test positive for COVID-19

Ashley Inge
Superintendent Matt Underwood

Schools opened in Stephenville on Wednesday, Aug. 19, and with that, came an influx of individuals who have either tested positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to the virus in some way.

The E-T received an email from SISD Superintendent Matt Underwood who gave a breakdown of how many students or faculty members tested positive for the virus and how many were in quarantine at each campus.

These are the current numbers as of Thursday, Aug. 26:

1.Central Elementary

•Staff - 1 positive

•Students - 1 positive

•40 quarantined

2.Chamberlin Elementary

•Staff - 0

•Students - 2 quarantined

3.Hook Elementary

•Staff - 1 quarantined

•Students - 2 quarantined

4.Gilbert Intermediate

•Staff – 2 quarantined (will be back in school on Friday, Aug. 28)

•Students – 0

5.Henderson Junior High

•Staff - 3 positive and 1 quarantined

•Students - 1 student positive and 6 quarantined

6.Stephenville High School

•Staff - 0

•Students - 2 students positive and 14 quarantined

“We are taking all recommended steps to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Any areas that were heavily used by the individual with the lab-confirmed case have already been disinfected. In addition, the infected individual will not return to the campus until all of the criteria in the return protocol have been met,” Underwood said.

He asks that all parents screen their child for any COVID-19 symptoms prior to school and if they have any symptoms, they are to keep their child home.