Erath County reports 4th COVID-19 death

Ashley Inge
Dr. Kelly Doggett

Erath County officials have reported a fourth death in the county related to COVID-19.

The individual was a male in his early 60s and the death was added to the county COVID-19 report on Thursday, July 24.

“There was an unfortunate case number four death reported in the community,” Dr. Kelly Doggett, local public health authority said. “The judge confirmed it. We are all saddened by it and our hearts go out to his family. We continue to do the best we distancing, wear masks, so that there won’t be more deaths reported in the community.”


The county COVID-19 for Monday, July 27, reports that the county has 379 total cases, 89 active cases 286 recoveries and 14 hospitalizations.

A breakdown of the cases in each age group is listed below:

•0-12 years – 26 cases

•13-19 years – 37 cases

•20-29 years – 111 cases

•30-39 years – 46 cases

•40-64 years – 110 cases

•65+ years – 41 cases

•Unknown – 8 cases

There are 293 women and 176 men in Erath County with a positive test of COVID-19.