Showing appreciation

E-T staff report
Stephenville resident Darrell Graham brought some power rings and a poem to the Stephenville Police Department just before Christmas to show his appreciation to the law enforcement agency. "Your kind words are much appreciated Darrell!" reads a social media post from the department.

This Christmas is Different by Darrell Graham

This Christmas, we can't deck the halls,

Just sit and stare at these four walls.

For presents your child's afraid to ask,

This bearded man has on a mask.

If we see Santa on Christmas night,

We'll probably run or die of fright.

Rudolf's nose is feverish and red,

He's sick with COVID and should be in bed.

I just heard a song that brought me to tears,

It says "it's the most wonderful time of the year."

Who'd ever thought in this place in time

That toilet paper would reign so sublime.

And hand sanitizer seems a great need

So that everyone's hands will crack and bleed.

And who'd ever thought, except maybe myself,

You'd find no disinfectant left on the shelf.

And one more thing I can't get through my head

How do I sleep six from mama on a five-foot bed?

All joking aside, so lend me your ear.

We have a reason for fullness of cheer.

The Lord is ever on His throne,

And we will never be alone.

We wish you well in this next year, 

Dispel your doubts, pray out your fear!

Our prayers and love are with you for the coming year!