Local resident finds success in rap career

Ashley Inge
Cole B.

Stephenville is famously known as “The Cowboy Capital of the World,” meaning the majority of the community listens to country music.

But one local music artist is trying to expand his fan base – not only to reach people around the world, but also to reach his own community – his hometown.

Cole Barker, or as his music persona Cole B., is a 24-year-old Stephenville native and a hip hop/rap artist, whose music has been circulating around the U.S., Canada and the UK.

“It's all about the networking that you can build yourself up for and what you can do,” he said. “I’ve had people all over the place, from New York down here to Texas, say they like my music. The latest song that I have released is called ‘No Deals.’ I released it on the 21st of September and that song by itself is bigger in the UK than it is here in the United States.”

Cole first began writing music when he was 12, using his mom’s keyboard to help spark ideas with his lyrics.

“Even back then, the kids that I used to run around with, I used to tell them all the time that I was going to grow up and become a rapper and one day it finally came into a reality,” he said.

He started performing at 18 and has since released many songs, some of which have received over 100,000 streams in a year on Spotify.

“I love the connection that I can have with people, the feeling that I can put forth with actual real words that I have inside with my heart and my mind that I can speak out and people can understand and feel. I think that is probably my favorite thing to walk around and somebody says ‘Hey, you’re the actual rapper here in Stephenville.’ I get that every now and then which is really nice; it feels great,” he said.

Cole B. recently joined a team with a label in Colorado called Music Notes out of Cali-Co Inc., working with the label owner, Daniel Trujillo, or DannyDranxx, and making music with his “number one,” Beau Skrizzle.

Cole said his music motivates him to be something greater, but his biggest wish is to connect more with his hometown.

“This is the Cowboy Capital of the World and everything here is country, but I also want to put a little bit of a difference into that, and hopefully gain some attention here too. I want to start with my hometown,” he said.

His music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and YouTube.

"I definitely like the way my music is going,” he added. “But it’s definitely something I would like my local community to be a part of too.”