Local author donates books to Stephenville cattle auction

Ashley Inge
Alan Nafzger

Local author Alan Nafzger has donated a dozen copies of his novel, “Quanah Parker’s Hereford Bull,” to the Stephenville cattle auction as a tribute to the profession of cattle breeding.

The book is published by Pecan Street Press in Austin, Texas and tells the story about Quanah Parker, the Indian chief, who was attempting to feed his people with a Hereford bull, when it got stolen.

“He never got his bull back. In my story he gets his bull back,” Nafzger said. “It’s alternative history. The book is true half-way and then half-way through, it changes into fiction. It’s a feel-good story. In real life, it was a tragedy.”

Nafzger, originally from Weatherford, received 100 copies of his book. He sent 10 copies to every feed lot and cattle auction around this area.

“The person most likely to appreciate my story is a cattleman,” he added.

The Stephenville cattle auction responded by promoting the sale of bulls by offering a free book with the purchase of a bull, which was the idea of the auction owner.

“When an outsider looks at Stephenville, they think of horses, but there’s a healthy cattle market. I think if people of Stephenville read this story, they will understand how important Angus and Hereford were,” Nafzger said. “I'm excited about this novel. I've written other novels but this is a western and this [relates to] where I grew up and what I grew up around.”