Donald R. Jones Justice Center to be remodeled

Ashley Inge
Construction on the Donald R. Jones Justice Center will begin at the end of next week and should take about six weeks to complete.

Erath County Commissioner’s Court negotiated and approved a contract in July to partially remodel the Donald R. Jones Justice Center.

“The Donald Jones Justice Center will need to be remodeled to house some of the offices,” Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos wrote in his summary report. “Those offices will be part of the consolidation of all the courts to the Justice Center.

“The County Attorney’s Office, part of the County Clerk’s Office, and all of the County Court-at-Law offices will be moved to the Donald Jones Justice Center. The Agri-Life and 4-H offices, and Veteran’s Services in turn will be moving to the main Courthouse.”

Lisa Pence, county attorney and member of the building committee, said that remodeling should start at the end of next week and should take about six weeks.

“Contractors have to work around the offices that are there and the court schedule,” she said. “We’re hoping with six weeks, but we understand there could be some delays if the court has something come up and they don’t want the construction right then, because the biggest part of the construction is the new courtroom and it’s going to be right next to the old district court. They have to take that into consideration with the noise and things like that; they don’t want to disrupt court.”