Personal trainer opens supplement store

Ashley Inge
Garrett Robison pictured inside of Champs Vitamin Shop

For five years, Dublin resident Garrett Robison has had a dream of opening a vitamin and supplement store in Stephenville – and now that dream has finally transformed into a reality with Champs Vitamin Shop.

Champs Vitamin Shop is a family-owned and operated vitamin/supplement store specializing in performance nutrition and general health, dedicated to helping Stephenville and surrounding area residents achieve goals through education and supplementation.

Robison is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist with over six years of healthy lifestyle coaching. He’s been interested in fitness and nutrition since 2012, but one of the first things he actively tried to learn more about was supplements.

“They were something I didn’t have a clue about,” he said. “I studied training, working out, eating right, but supplements – I didn’t know if they were bad for me or good for me, so I started asking a lot of questions to the guys at the local nutrition store in Corpus Christi and I got fascinated about it.”

Robison moved to Stephenville in 2013 and started working at Schreiber Foods and the fitness center.

“The interest for supplements was still there and I noticed myself spending money on these products and having to shop online or go out of town,” he said. “The places that we did have here, either they didn’t market to my demographic or were way overpriced, so I was like, ‘Man, I really think I can do that. That’s something that I am passionate about.’ It just became an idea.”

It wasn’t until his sixth year at Schreiber that he actually started looking at buildings for his future business.

He signed the lease for his building in December, received the key in March and immediately got to work planning out his “dream.”

“I went right to work on the building, doing everything that I had envisioned in my head, everything I had put on paper, products I wanted to carry, flooring and furniture,” he said. “From March 1 to March 20, I did everything I needed to do on this building to have it ready to open.”

Champs Vitamin Shop opened on April 6 and Robison said he is doing “crazy well.”

“I’ve been doubling everything that I’ve projected consistently for four months now,” he said.

Champs offers everything from multivitamins and meal replacements to shakes and snacks.

Robison always keeps some ready-to-eat meals in stock also, and he orders up to 100 meals a week.

His goal is to not only provide products but to also provide a relaxing atmosphere where customers can feel right at home – and that's why he offers a lounging area complete with four tables, a microwave, a TV, a couch and a chair.

“I’m giving the consumer the opportunity to grab their meal on a lunch break, warm it up and hang out here,” he said. “If they’re hanging out here, they’re making a healthy choice on their lunch break as opposed to McDonald’s.”

Robison wanted to bring a business to Stephenville that specifically catered to extreme athletes.

“There really was a niche here that needed to be filled,” he said. “It’s been something that I've talked about with people for so many years. I’m glad I can finally stay true to my word and give people something that I promised I was going to make happen, because there are so many people who do use these products – people who rely heavily on them to help them perform and get better. Now, they don’t have to order on Amazon; they can come right over here.”

Hours of operation for Champs Vitamin Shop is 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

“I’ve always enjoyed helping people get better with the personal training,” he added. “I was a healthy lifestyle coach for six years. I helped people with their diets and how to set up their cardio. I enjoy doing that and this is another aspect I can add to that – helping people with either their performance goals or their body image goals...bringing people confidence.”