More skimmers found at Lilly’s Food gas station

Ashley Inge
Electronic skimming devices have been located in two gas pumps at Lilly's Food gas station located at 1165 W. Washington St.

On Wednesday, July 22, the Stephenville Police Department was notified that electronic skimming devices had been located in two gas pumps at Lilly’s Food gas station located at 1165 W. Washington St.

“They [the employees] noticed an issue with their pumps and called in their service people and the service company found the two skimmers and they reported it to us immediately,” said Public Affairs Officer and Sgt. Jeremy Lanier. “We’re working with them and we’re reviewing their security footage to see if we can get any suspect information, but at this time all we know is that there were two skimmers on the pumps.”

This is the second time that skimmers have been found at Lilly’s Food gas station recently. In August 2019, skimming devices were found inside two gas pumps at the station.

Lanier said he has no information at this time whether the instances are related.

Skimmers have also been found at other gas stations in Stephenville within the past few months. Devices were found at College Stop gas station in June and Junction gas station in late April.

The Stephenville Police Department have not received any reports of fraudulent charges from Lilly’s Food.

Lanier advises the public to look at gas pumps to see if they have been tampered with.

“A lot of these pumps will have a security seal; it’s a piece of tape – it can be red, yellow, but make sure that it doesn’t look to be broken or tampered with,” he said. “Make sure that there doesn’t appear to be any damage to the keypad area or the credit card slot, but the most important piece of information is to monitor your accounts, and make sure no fraudulent charges are appearing because some of the people that put these in are very good at what they do, so be mindful.”

The police department is asking the public to call them at 254-918-1273 if they believe they are a victim of fraudulent charges from this business or any other business. The police department will continue to raise awareness and continue alerting the public to fraudulent activity.