COVID-19 claims life of 2nd Erath County resident

Ashley Inge
Dr. Jeffrey Moore

On Friday, July 17, Erath County officials received word from out of county that a second Erath County resident had tested positive for COVID-19, was hospitalized and had passed away.

The E-T spoke with Erath County Health Authority Dr. Jeffrey Moore who said he talked to the patient’s family and they gave permission for him to speak on the record about the patient.

“The person that passed away was a lady in her early 70s,” he said. “She was a long-standing, very dear patient of mine. I’ve known her for decades. She came down with COVID leading to pneumonia and was treated at Granbury hospital.”

Moore wants the public to be aware of the fact that although most healthy and young people recover from the virus, there are some elderly patients who contract COVID-19, but also have underlying illnesses and succumb to the virus.

“When you look at the numbers, it’s encouraging when you’re 19 years old and everyone does good and some people don’t even have any symptoms, but when you’re one of these people that gets pneumonia, it can be very, very bad,” he said.

Moore said with the virus continuing to spread and the new rules put into place in hospitals and nursing homes, many sick and elderly patients have experienced isolation and sadness during these past few months.

“Because of the illness, they [the patient’s family], could not be in with her [the patient] physically whenever she passed away. They couldn’t go into the room. They could see her through the glass from the outside. Her husband would’ve gone in there in a heartbeat, but they can’t and they’re separated by a piece of glass and while she’s passing away, the nurse is holding her hand,” Moore said. “The hospital is trying their best to comfort the family, but it’s a situation that we don’t run into most of the time, but I think they did a great job at the Granbury hospital.”

This is the second Erath County resident to test positive for the virus and pass away. The first death occurred in late March and the resident was a male in his 80s.

“Even though he was very old and had a lot of illnesses, he had weathered these so well in the past and he was such a family man...such a good Christian man; it’s hard to see these people go,” Moore added.