COVID-19 update: Erath County reaches 257 total cases with 20 recoveries

Ashley Inge

Since the coronavirus first began in Erath County on March 23, cases have begun to spread rapidly, with the total count of cases now over 250.

However, the daily COVID-19 report released on Thursday showed that 20 individuals in the county have recovered from the virus.

On Wednesday’s report, there were 39 recoveries and Thursday’s report lists 59.

“While we understand the number of ‘recoveries’ is an estimate reported by the State, it is encouraging to see more recoveries, and it's also encouraging that we are not seeing an increase in hospitalizations locally,” said Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos.

There have been 12 hospitalizations related to COVID-19 in the county and there are currently 197 active cases at this time.

The latest numbers indicate most of the positive cases have come from the 20-29 and the 40-64 age groups.

A breakdown of the cases in each age group is listed below:

• 0-12 years – 16 cases

• 13-19 years – 26 cases

• 20-29 years – 82 cases

• 30-39 years – 32 cases

• 40-64 years – 77 cases

• 65+ years – 24 cases

There are currently 135 women and 122 men in Erath County with a positive test of COVID-19.