Skimming device found at College Stop gas station

Ashley Inge
A skimming device was found on a gas pump at College Stop gas station on Tuesday, June 9.

The Stephenville Police Department was notified Tuesday, June 9, that an electronic skimming device had been located in one gas pump at College Stop gas station located at 1350 W. Washington.

According to the Stephenville Police Department press release that was published on Facebook Wednesday, June 10, there have not been any reports of fraudulent charges from the business.

The technician and store employees contacted police immediately and are cooperating in the investigation.

“We are reviewing security footage that was provided by the store owner,” said Detective Jeremy Lanier. “They only located one skimmer on the pump. The pumps have been checked by their technician and the store continues to cooperate with us.”

This is the second report of a skimmer found in Stephenville this year. A skimmer was also found at Junction gas station on April 28.

The Stephenville Police Department is asking the public to call (254) 918-1273 if they believe they are a victim of fraudulent charges from this business or any other business. The police department will continue to raise awareness and continue alerting the public to fraudulent activity, according to the news release.

“Our best advice to anybody is to monitor any accounts that they have and ensure that there is no fraudulent activity,” Lanier added.