SISD releases top 10 percent of 2020 graduates

Ashley Inge

Stephenville High School has released the names of senior students who are scheduled to graduate in the top 10 percent of the Class of 2020.

There are a total of 262 seniors expected to walk the stage on graduation day, which was pushed back to Friday, June 19. The details of graduation day are still being determined.

“We are so proud of the senior class of 2020,” said SHS Principal Stephanie Traweek. “Seniors, always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter that you think and loved more than you know. Set your goals high and chase your dreams. Congratulations and best wishes on your next adventure.”

Leading the top 10 percent are this year’s valedictorian, Katie Campbell, and salutatorian, Claire Choate.

Here is the complete list of the top 10 percent, in order of their overall grade ranking:

1.Katie L. Campbell, valedictorian

2.Claire L. Choate, salutatorian

3.Allee E. Mainord

4.Cason R. Love

5.Ryan W. Donham

6.Chloe S. Coates

7.Gabrielle A. Lucero

8.Rette A. Peters

9.Bonnie M. McKinzie

10.Victoria E. Laduque

11.Andrik Hernandez

12.Devra K. Winslow

13.Shayden N. Toof

14.Hannah M. Fair

15.Madison A. Burton

16.Casey R. Jr. Pack

17.Udayan Bhandari

18.Cheney D. Carrillo

19.Mikayla E. Diaz

20.Adrian Cervantes

21.Myla J. Childers

22.Calvary A. Dittfurth

23.Janie G. Gullen

24.Kacen E. Groves

25.Abner M. Mendoza