COVID-19 update: Positive cases continue to spread, 28 confirmed in Erath County

Ashley Inge

Erath County has had an influx of new COVID-19 cases within the past few days, beginning at case number 18 on June 1 and ending with the current case number, 28, that was confirmed positive on Friday, June 5.

Six of the new cases are residents of Stephenville while four reside in rural Erath County.

As of Friday, June 5, there are 11 active cases in the county.

Stephenville Mayor Doug Svien said, “Even though our economy is opening up and people are out and about, we must still remember to follow the CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID.”

“The Mayor is absolutely right that we must remain diligent in our efforts to prevent the spread of the disease,” City Manager Allen Barnes stated. “Please continue to wash your hands and wear masks in public. Stay a safe distance apart. We will continue to update our residents of any new cases as they occur.”

Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos believes the influx of cases is due to businesses opening up around the community.

“It’s not the fact that we’re careless necessarily, but we’re just doing more things. We’re around each other a lot more. We just need to be mindful that it still presents challenges to us as we deal with this virus,” he said.

Campos said the virus is manageable, however.

“People are not being hospitalized. They’re not having to go to the hospital so that part is good, but we still don’t want to get infected, so just take the extra precautions is what I would advise,” he said.