C-Cubed Computers: A father & son operation

J. Michael Ross jross@empiretribune.com
Don Benstine and his son, James, who own and operate C-Cubed Computers, have been in business at that location for four years and opened their first location in Comanche in 20015.

C-cubed Computers - owned and operated by Don Benstine and his son, James - sits near the intersection of Harbin and Washington on the Dairy Queen side of things.

The father and son team have been in business at that Stephenville location for four years, having started originally in Comanche in 2005. They have combined experience in the industry of over two decades.

“We do a little of everything here and we specialize in the area of residential customers and small to medium size businesses, not large corporate clients,” Don says.

“That’s just too all encompassing for us. You’re pretty much on call all the time, day or night. Neither of us are suited to that. We want our time off and we want regular business hours and we have that here.”

James says that over time, C-Cubed has expanded its operations to cover all of Erath and Comanche counties.

“We continue to focus on providing excellent service through technical mobility. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you,” he says.

Don adds with a smile, “We make house calls.”

James says the business is constantly growing and they’re pretty sure they know why: “Everything we do is above board. There are no hidden charges. We inform people of the cost before we do anything so they can make an informed decision.”

C-Cubed specifically specializes in:

• Computer Repair

• Remote Services

• On-Site Repair

• Warranties

• Web Site Development and Design.

• Network Installation

• Custom Built Economy Computer

• Custom Built Home Computers

• Custom Built business computers

• Custom Built Gaming Systems

“Our motto is: Fair Prices, Quality Service and Fast Turn-a-Round,” Don says.

C-Cubed Computers is located at 1917 W. Washington, Suite 2. Business hours are M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., closed on Sunday. Phone 254-918-3320 or visit their great website at www.c-cubedcomputers.com.