Busy senior wants to keep connections with classmates

Autumn Owens aowens@empiretribune.com Twitter @aowensETnews
Cody Cashell hasn't decided his major after graduation but has narrowed down his college list to University of Texas, University of Alabama and UCLA.

Although Cody Cashell is involved in several school organizations as a senior at Stephenville High School, he hasn’t quite decided what college to attend or the career path he will take.

Cashell does plan to attend college and has narrowed his list down to the University of Texas, University of Alabama and UCLA, but hasn’t selected a major.

“I think it’s better just to go out and take a bunch of courses and figure out what I work best with,” he said.

This year Cashell is a member of Student Council, a class officer, the president of the Science Club, reporter of the National Honor Society and also participates in FCA and UIL.

“I went from not being involved much to being involved in a lot and that’s probably something I regret a little because it would have been better to start off involved in a lot of things instead of just at the end,” he said. “But it’s just fun to be involved in all of these organizations just to see how our school operates in helping the community in different ways.”

Cashell’s favorite organization is National Honor Society.

“We’re the most involved with the community and the school simultaneously,” he said. “With NHS we help with Adopt a Highway, Angel Tree and Pennies for Angels; those are all for the community.”

His biggest goal this year is to spend time with his classmates before he goes off on his next venture.

“I want to connect with all of my fellow classmates because it’s my last year with them,” he said. “Some I won’t see for years until maybe a reunion or something, so I just want to make sure that I keep all these connections that I want to.”

Through his high school career Cashell has been inspired to work hard thanks to his father and many teachers at SHS.

“My dad, he’s not home much because he’s working and I know that’s really hard for him because he has always been a family man but he works to better the family so he’s kind of showed me how to make sacrifices,” Cashell said. “And several teachers throughout the school have showed me how to have a good work ethic.”

Going from a smaller town to a bigger community, Cashell said he will miss Stephenville.

“Most of the colleges I’m looking at are a lot bigger communities and while they offer a lot more, it’s not going to have that close-knit community that small towns like Stephenville have,” he said.