Texas regional agriculture report

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

• Central: A cold front moved through and delivered 0.5 to over 2 inches of rainfall around the district. Several areas held standing water and halted fieldwork and winter wheat plantings. Unfortunately, the moisture resulted in a heavy flush of winter annual weeds. Drier conditions were in the forecast, and remaining winter wheat was expected to go in on schedule. Cooler temperatures were slowing Bermuda grass growth, but winter oat and rye crops looked very good. Stock tanks were filling again, and livestock were in great condition. Producers were providing small amounts of supplemental feed for cattle. The spike in fertilizer prices was a concern for producers, but they were attempting to lock in purchase prices.

• West Central: Another 1-1.5 inches of rainfall was reported. The rains should help small-grain planting conditions. Some producers were getting a final cutting of Bermuda grass with average yields reported. Cotton harvest was underway, with good yields and grades reported. Pecan harvest was underway, and producers with a heavy crop last year were struggling to find pecans. Livestock were in fair condition.

• Rolling Plains: Showers delivered trace amounts of rainfall up to 2 inches in parts of the district. Temperatures were cooler and dipped into the 30s. Wheat emergence was very poor in drier areas, and some replanting was taking place. Wheat fields with moisture were greening up and growing. Stocker cattle looked good, but very few were on wheat pasture due to lack of growth. Cotton harvest had not started, but the crop looked very good, and bolls were opening up. Recent rainfall had little effect on the cotton crop.