Students from Henderson Junior High in Stephenville are participating in the Students in Touch program, for which they are reporting school news and sports. Here are some of this week's sports news at HJH.

Fundamental II Bees challenge Dublin By Dani Huckabee

The Henderson Junior High seventh grade fundamentals II Honeybees took on the Dublin Lions in a volleyball scrimmage on Monday, Sep. 10, in Stephenville.

In the first game Lesa Mallory lead the team with five points followed by Kathrine Walker with three points, two of which were aces. Tara Hume added anoher point with an ace.

Brandi Green did a terrific job in game two with seven points, followed by Paige Thomas with six points and Mallory with five points. Both Michelle Mata and Sarah Schniers had one point each.

7th fundamental Bees drop pair to Lady Lions By Brittany Floyd

Lindsey Butler led the 7th grade Henderson Fundamental Honeybees, who fell in an intense volleyball match against the Dublin Lady Lions on Sep. 10.

Butler slid right past the Lions and scored a total of four points. Stephanie Salinas scored two points, and Christina Mallory and Chloe Walker squeezed in one point each, combining for a total of 17 points for the Honeybees, eight short of the 25 points for the Lady Lions.

In the second and final game of the match, Salinas, along with other Honeybee teammates, led the way. Salinas had five serves, four of which zipped right by the Lady Lions.

Kylie Manning had a superior game, also, with three serves, and two points. Lauren Copeland had two serves and one point.

Others serving were Morgan Hart, Kylee Brooks, and Anya Kalsbeek. The final score of the second game was Dublin 25, Stephenville 17.

Dublin takes 8th grade funamentalist squad By Ashleigh Ballard

On September 10, the eighth grade fundamental team played Dublin in a two-game match.

Tawni Fox led the team with three serves, followed by Emily Scott, Kasey Sparks, and Brittany Moore with two serves. Ashley Haggard and Rachel Young followed with 1 serve.

Fox led the team with three points, followed by Haggard, Young, Scott, Moore, and Sparks with 1 point.

In Game 2 Fox, Ava Lyndsey, and Catherine Reed led the team with two serves, followed by Ysamar Aguilar, Amanda Lee, and Jennifer Knight with 1 serve. Lyndsey led the team with 1 point.

8th “C girls split with Dublin Lady Lions By Emily Hutson

On Sep. 10, HJH 8th grade girls “C team split games with Dublin Junior High. The two games were hard fought, with Dublin winning the first and Stephenville winning the second.

The games were highlighted by strong play from Whitney Cooke and Makynzi Blankenship. In the first game, Blankenship served well, scoring five points. Karlie Parker and Jessica Thomas each had a successful serve which resulted with one point each. The final score of game was Stephenville 20 and Dublin 25.

In the second game, Jessica Thomas and Allison Price made two successful serves, both scoring two points each. Angela Proffit and Kristen Nugen both had three serves and three points each. Cooke was the high scorer in Game 2 with seven serves and six points.