HOUSTON (AP) - The Houston Rockets played their best game of the postseason at home Monday night to move within one victory of their first series win in 10 years.

Now comes the hard part - trying to close out the Utah Jazz on Thursday night in Salt Lake City, where they lost Games 3 and 4 by double digits.

"In our minds, we think we can make up for those mistakes we made in Games 3 and 4," said Tracy McGrady, who had 26 points and 16 assists Monday in a 96-92 victory. "At the same time, as we're thinking it, we've got to go out and we've got to do it."

Before Game 6 even starts, the Rockets have to convince themselves that it's a "must win." Game 7 would be Saturday in Houston, but the Rockets would rather not take any chances.

"We're really fired up for Game 6. It's a huge opportunity for us," McGrady said.

And for McGrady himself.

The seven-time All-Star is 0-5 in playoff series and he's ready for another round of hearing about it from the merciless fans in Utah.

"The only time I really hear things is when I'm sitting on the bench and there's a guy heckling me: 'McGrady, you're 0-5! You're 0-5 in the playoffs! You're going to be 0-6 this year!'" he said. "I don't give a damn what they say. They can talk about my mom, they can talk about whatever they want to talk about. I've still got a game to play."