Stephenville Faith Home School used a second-straight dazzling defensive performance to blow out Weatherford Home School 50-6 last weekend, keeping alive the Knights' razor thin playoff hopes.

The Knights, who have only one district loss in Texas Christian Athletic League play, visit Williamson County (Wilco) Home School at 2 p.m. Saturday in Georgetown.

Faith must win that game by 45 points and have a team in another district lose by 45 in order to gain the rating necessary from a BCS-like system that will determine the Knights' playoff fate.

TCAL is the only six-man league that relies on the Granger Rating System for its playoff seedings.

"Every district champion gets in. After that the districts are rated on the Granger System," said Faith head coach Cody Martin. "The district with the best rating will send three teams to the playoffs and the district with the worst rating will only send one team to the playoffs. We have to do everything we can to keep our district from having the worst rating."

Martin hates relying on the rating system for his team's sake, and also for what it forces coaches to do late in games.

"Last week we were winning 50-6 late in the game and I'm trying to score because we needed to 45-point them," Martin said. "It sure didn't feel right.

"When you see all the weekly complaints in college football about the BCS, I don't know why you would ever use (a rating system) as your model."

Martin says enough people have complained that TCAL officials have sent out an e-mail saying this is the last season they will rely on the Granger System.

"Hopefully this is the last time we will have to deal with it," Martin said. "It's crazy."

On the field Saturday, the Knights will be looking for a repeat of last weekend's performance - especially from its defense.

Faith held an opponent to under 100 yards of total offense for the second week in a row.

"That's almost impossible to do in six-man football," Martin said. "Coach (David) Steele is doing a great job (as defensive coordinator). They don't play like it's their first year of football. They hit and cause turnovers and create a short field for us."

Colton McCabe leads all Texas six-man leagues with nine interceptions, and joins teammate Daniel Winkler in the top five in tackles.

Offensively, Veldhuizen amassed 175 rushing yards to go with his three scores.

"Jared was one of our top running backs (in the season opener) against Lingleville," Martin said. "Two weeks later he sprained his ankle and it's been bothering him all year. Last week was the first time he really ran without a limp."

McCabe passed for two TDs to Austin Roberson, then they switched and Roberson tossed a pair of scores to McCabe.

Jacob Thompson and Daniel Winkler also rushed for scores.