There is a small handful of coaches who can rightfully call their off-season program the “Camp of Champs.”

Legendary Texas girls basketball coach Dean Weese is one of them.

Weese was midway through his three-day camp with a “pretty good group,” held at Henderson Junior High, passing on the strategies he’s developed over a career that included well over 1,000 wins.

His camp has stressed sharpening the fundamental skills that all players require.

“They don’t just come and play games,” Weese said. “They do a lot of fundamental work.”

A similar mindset was a big factor in the winning tradition Weese developed.

“All the years I coached, we spent half of our time on fundamentals,” he said.

Weese remains plugged in to Texas high school basketball, following his son’s team at Godley as well as the Honeybees.

Stephenville head coach Ron Berry used to coach against Weese while the two were out in West Texas. When asked if many of Berry’s 600 wins — he passed that milestone last season — came at his expense, Weese smiled.

“Probably a few,” he said.

Though happily retired, Weese said he enjoyed running the occasional summer camp. “I still like the camaraderie with coaches,” he said.

Then again, between this week’s stint in Stephenville and a recent stop in Lampasas, “this is all I want,” he said. With a laugh, Weese noted he’s “missing three days of golf” this week.