STEPHENVILLE - On January 20, the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants took the field to determine who would represent the NFC in the Super Bowl XLII.

The same two franchises had representatives at Tarleton State University on Tuesday to scout juniors with pro potential, and to take another look at seniors who are eligible for the 2008 NFL Draft in April.

Some of the key juniors from the 2007 squad, such as wide receiver Shamarr Prentice, defensive back Tremaine Wright and others, were scouted, first in the weight room, then in IQ testing and finally, in the 40-yard dash.

The scouting allows the NFL clubs to take a preliminary look at players before the fall season gets under way.

A scout from Green Bay says Tarleton usually has one or two solid prospects who are worth looking at, and believes Tarleton head coach Sam McElroy and his staff do a good job of consistently recruiting superb talent.

“We have some pretty good skill kids,” said McElroy. “Shamarr Prentice ran well and Tremaine Wright had the fastest time.”

The biggest names from TSU, seniors Ranardrick “Dee-Wee” Phillips and Tywain Myles, just returned from a Pro Day at the University of North Texas last Friday.

Myles is confident he has proven his worth to the NFL, and didn’t run at Tarleton’s Pro Day. According to Myles, he has a couple of visits set up with the (Jacksonville) Jaguars and the (Miami) Dolphins before the draft.

Phillips ran for the scouts on Tuesday, as his name continues to circulate in scouting circles.

“Last week (at UNT), a scout from the (Philadelphia) Eagles told me to go to Rice University on Friday,” said Phillips. “I don’t have any visits, but I have been talking to a couple of scouts, and they have been talking to my agents, like the (Dallas) Cowboys, the Eagles and the (New Orleans) Saints, to name a few. My ultimate goal is to make it to the NFL but if that doesn’t work out, I just want to continue to play football. I feel like that’s my craft, it’s what I’m good at. Whether it’s the Canadian League, Arena League or whoever wants to give me a shot, I’d appreciate it.”

Cornerback Blake Bueltel also ran for the scouts at TSU, as well as at UNT on Friday.