The Cowboy Capital Mixed Martial Arts club offers area residents the opportunity to compete as athletes of a different breed.

The club was established by Les Mayo, a wrestling and submission grappling instructor, after watching Sigma Ki Fight Night at City Limits in April.

“It was just guys throwing themselves out there fighting,” Mayo said of the Sigma Ki event. “There was no discipline to it. We’re taking guys like that and teaching them to really fight.”

Mayo, a 1996 Tarleton graduate, competes in jiu-jitsu and grappling tournaments and is helped by fellow coach/competitor Cleburn “The Spartan” Walker, a Stephenville High School graduate who is 8-2 as a professional fighter and lives and trains in Fort Worth. Walker, a full time pro MMA fighter, coaches jiu-jitsu and muay thai disciplines. He holds a blue belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu and weighs 170 pounds.

Walker wasted little time in winning in the “5150 Combat League Saturday Night Fights in Tulsa, Okla. on Sept. 26. He used an armbar to defeat his opponent by tapout just 32 seconds into the opening round.

Daniel Miller, 23, won his 205-pound fight by tapout due to srikes in the second round. Miller, a Tarleton student, works at Mi Familia restaurant.

Ken Krentz and James Gray weren’t as fortunate in their bouts. Krentz, a manager at Auto Zone, lost in the first round of his third amateur fight when a guillotine choke forced him to tap out. Gray, a heavyweight who has several pro boxing wins to his credit and works at Staples, was in his first pro MMA bout and tapped out in the first round due to a kimora armlock.

Donnie Hill was also scheduled to fight in Tulsa, but had his bout scratched after his opponent was tragically killed in a car wreck earlier that week. Hill still traveled with the other fighters and worked in the corner. He works at The Fitness Center as a personal trainer and is 1-1 as an amateur.

The CCMMA is a growing club that is welcoming new members. Mayo and company currently have approximately 20 students attending classes Monday through Thursday in the Stephenville Youth Wrestling building on East Road.