Despite the fear of several students on Tarleton State University’s campus, the residence halls will not be kicking anyone out for the Regional Tournament.

Tuesday, worry was voiced by many Tarleton students, as well as community members - President McCabe even sent a directive to the Department of Residential Living and Learning asking that students be accommodated.

The Housing Department went immediately to work, calling in all their resources to make sure the student body has the option to stay on campus and back the Texans in their quest for the South Central Regional title.

Dr. Wanda Mercer, who was working via e-mail from Boston, Tarleton Housing director Elizabeth Wallace, her assistant Shelly Brown, and the rest of the Housing Department wanted to ensure students’ safety first and foremost.

“We didn’t want to tell students they could stay if it wasn’t safe for them to do so,” Dr. Mercer said. “We want to encourage students staying to support their team. It’s an exciting time, but this is new ground for us as well.”

Students will be allowed to stay on campus for the tournament and were informed of such on Tuesday afternoon, after extensive work by the Departments of Residential Living and Learning and Housing.

According to Dr. Mercer, student workers and resident advisors have volunteered their time over the break to allow students to stay.

Those wishing to stay in the residence halls must register with the university before 3 p.m. on Friday.

“Students must register with housing so they can be given card access to the buildings during the break,” said Mercer. “We are giving registered students card access to the resident halls for as long as the Texans are playing. If they lose on Saturday or Sunday the halls will close at 10 a.m. on Monday (March 17), but hopefully, we won’t be closing until after the Championship game on Wednesday (March 19) at 10 a.m.”

The dining hall will be closed and students will not be allowed to use their Texan Bucks over the course of the week.