STEPHENVILLE - The Alvarado Indians visited Stephenville Friday night to face off with the Honeybees, and Stephenville wasted no time in destroying their district rivals. The Honeybees crushed the Indians in three quick games - 25-11, 25-19 and 25-7.

It was really no contest for the Bees. They started their domination in game one. It started off relatively even with the teams trading points. Then Kelsey Anglin killed the ball in between a trio of Lady Indians to give the Bees a 7-6 lead, and they never trailed again.

Stephenville converted five consecutive points before Alvarado scored on a serve into the net. After that Alvarado score, the Bee’s scored eight more points, and then finally put it away five plays later to end the set, 25-11.

Game two provided more excitement. Alvarado was able to hang with the Bees, and at one point held a two-point lead.

Sage Lasater scored on five straight serves to make the score 11-7 in favor of Stephenville. When the score reached 12-8, the Bees began to pull away, but at 23-14 the Indians put it together for five points, bringing the score to 24-19.

Another Anglin kill, however, put an end to any thoughts of an Alvarado comeback, giving Stephenville the 25-19 victory.

In game three, the Bee’s finished off the tribe quickly and quietly.

After a Christina Murphy kill of Alvarado’s opening serve, Claire Goodman turned five straight serves into Honeybee points, stretching their lead to 6-0.

After a few points from Alvarado and a couple more from the Bees, Makayla Elliott stepped up to serve for Stephenville. She scored six straight bringing the score to 16-5.

The teams traded the next three points before Allison Snow went on a streak of her own. Snow hit six in a row before a kill shot into the net on game point ended the streak.

Alvarado sent their next serve out of bounds, giving the Bees an easy win, 25-7.

Nathan Bural is a member of the sports staff at the Empire-Tribune. He can be reached at (254) 965-3124, ext. 241.