At Tarleton State, top 10 rankings aren’t just for the school’s athletic programs.

Keeping pace with the purple-clad athletes on the field are the boosters who comprise the Texan Club, a group Tarleton Athletics Director Lonn Reisman said ranks as one of Division II’s largest.

The club is in the opening stages of its annual fundraising campaign, soliciting new corporate sponsors to support Tarleton’s athletic scholarship fund.

“It continues to build and rise,” Reisman said, noting that the 161 current corporate sponsorships the school has “helped fully fund all of our athletic programs.”

The drive is being spearheaded by the Texan Club Advisory Board, and is open to individuals and small business owners as well. Reisman encouraged fans to contact any board member, or the Tarleton Athletics Office at 968-9178, for information on joining.

Membership forms are also available online at

Corporate sponsorships directly benefit student-athletes, Reisman said, and provide companies with excellent visibility within the community.

“Corporate partners are getting a tremendous benefits package,” he said, including tickets to a wide array of sporting events.

In addition to scholarships, the funds raised also go to academic support that the university would not otherwise be able to provide, Reisman said.

“You know where your money’s going,” he said.

Plus, Tarleton’s success benefits Stephenville — and vice versa.

“It’s a partnership,” Reisman said. “We both benefit from it.”

Fundraising has been a factor in Tarleton becoming competitive on a national level across the board, he said.

“It’s not just one sport being successful, it’s all sports being successful,” Reisman said. “We have a total program here,” with the Texans and TexAnns alike “reaching new heights.”

Support from the community can be seen not just in fundraising dollars, Advisory Board President Robert Lemons said, noting Tarleton’s strong attendance numbers.

“We do very good (with the Texan Club), and I think it’s evident in the success on the field,” Lemons said.

He thanked club members for their past support, and added that he and his fellow board members aim to remain among the top booster clubs in the nation.

Reisman said the club would be sure to steer clear of becoming complacent.

“We’re going to be out, and we’re going to be actively trying to push our club to No. 1,” he said.