The second edition of the Lipan Lady Indian basketball camp was held last week at the Lipan gym, and more than 30 campers participated, traveling from as far away as Brock and Stephenville.

The morning session, for girls entering the third through eighth grades, was led by Lady Indian coach Troy Humphrey, and the afternoon session, for girls entering high school, was conducted by Huckabay boys coach Dean Edwards.

Camp participants worked on improving fundamental skills ranging from ballhandling to shooting. Drill work and games were incorporated to make the learning both fun and challenging.

“Coach Edwards and I went over drills that the girls could take home with them and practice over the summer,” Humphrey said.

“It’s during this time that players can push themselves to improve for the upcoming school year.”

Contest winners among third-fifth graders were: free throws — 1. Kallie Smith, 2. Bayleigh Chaviers, 3. Peyton Wood; hot shot — 1. Bayleigh Chaviers, 2. Taylor Herrera, 3. Carrie Lewis; skills competition — 1. Bayleigh Chaviers, 2. Taylor Herrera, 3. Kallie Smith; most improved camper — Faith Melton; and outstanding camper — Bayleigh Chaviers.

Sixth through eighth grade winners: free throws — 1. Kaylee Cross, 2. Kayla Wheeler, 3. Carlie Chapman; hot shot — 1. Kayla Wheeler, 2. Carlie Chapman, 3. Kaylee Cross; skills competition — 1. Kaylee Cross, 2. Ashton Higgins, 3. Tallen Halliday; most improved camper — Tallen Halliday; and outstanding camper — Kaylee Cross.

High school winners: free throws — 1. Chrissie Bingham, 2. Cea Jaye Winn, 3. Nikki Kirkpatrick; hot shot — 1. Meranda Gaston, 2. Kendra Massie, 3. Cea Jaye Winn; skills competition — 1. Meranda Gaston, 2. Ashley Knight, 3. Lauren Rice; most improved camper — Shayla Wright; and outstanding camper — Meranda Gaston.

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