Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Erath County is seeking a dynamic individual to lead its organization.

Crissa Nugen, president of the executive board of directors for BBBS, said the board would like to see the position go to a local individual.

“We definitely want someone familiar with the dynamics of our community,” Nugen said.

The position is currently being advertised in the Empire-Tribune and on the Stephenville Chamber of Commerce Web site. It requires a minimum of five years of sales experience or a bachelor’s degree in social services with casework experience.

“It is a full-time position,” Nugen said. “Even though Big Brothers Big Sister is a nation-wide youth mentoring program, it is still a new program here in Erath County. The person will need to wear many hats.”

The selected individual will also need to posses stellar communication skills because they will be reporting and communicating with the board of directors and the North Texas Region corporate offices.

“That person will have the full support of the board and Big Brothers Big Sisters,” Nugen said. “The person right off the bat will help build this new program, recruit mentor volunteers and recruit littles (children).”

Nugen said finding the perfect person to lead the program is the first step in its success and the board is hoping to complete its search in the near future.

“Our goal is to interview the very first week of January and go ahead and get that position filled as soon as possible,” Nugen said.

The impending beginning has been asked from many interested individuals and willing volunteers, Nugen said.

“I know the big question is when are we going to be able to make matches (with mentors and children),” Nugen said. “”We are looking at getting our program going in the spring.”

Nugen said the program has been a need in Erath County for some time and she is looking forward to starting it with a new director and volunteers.

“I’ve been a social worker for 20 years,” Nugen said. “The one thing we don’t have is a strong youth mentoring program. We are a little more close knit (as a community) and able to meet the needs of the kids individually. We have so many cool resources in our community we are going to be able to offer our kids.”

There are no financial requirements for parents interested in enrolling their children in the program.

Those interested in mentoring, signing up children or other volunteer opportunities should call Nugen at 254-965-5313 or e-mail

Individuals interested in applying for the executive director’s job should send a resume to Janet Ardoyno, vice president of agency development, at