You know you can't just walk up to a Dallas Cowboys home game 30 minutes before kickoff and grab tickets for yourself and a friend.

But a high school game?

You can go to a high school game anytime you want, right?

Just walk up, pull out the $6-$10 for each ticket depending on who's playing and where you're at, walk in, fight the crowd for the best remaining seats and get ready to cheer on your favorite team, perhaps even your alma mater, right?

Think again.

Thousands of Stephenville fans who have loyally followed the Yellow Jackets all season - and for many seasons past for that matter - will not be allowed the opportunity to be in attendance Friday for the highly-publicized match-up of No. 1 Stephenville and No. 8 Everman that determines the champion of District 8-4A.

2,000 tickets. That's it for each school. And only about 60-percent of those are left for the general public.

That's only 1,200 tickets - for those of you who are about to pack an afternoon snack so you can stand in line with the masses who are all hoping to get their hands on some.

Four tickets per person - that's the limit. So for everyone who is turned away in frustration with no tickets - and remember none are being sold in Everman Friday - here is a list of alternative games that should produce enough drama to scratch that Friday night football itch that you know is coming.

Within half an hour of Stephenville are two big area battles with plenty of playoff implications.

Tolar and its brand new Rattler Stadium is the site for the District 12-A championship. The Gorman Panthers, undefeated and ranked No. 6 in the Associated Press Class A poll are expected to be tested for the first time since knocking off Ranger 7-6 back in mid-season.

Dublin hosts Itasca, and Memorial Stadium should be packed. The Lions are currently sitting in fourth place in District 11-2A, and can earn their first playoff berth in four years with a 10-point win Friday.

Keep Hico in mind, if you don't mind the drive to Grandview. The Tigers will be 11-2A co-champs if they can knock off the Zebras.

Wherever you go, pack your radio.

You may not be able to see it, but you can listen along as Boots Elliott paints the picture from an all-Yellow Jacket perspective on KSTV 93.1-FM.

Such unfortunate ticket scenarios are bound to occur when you consistently perform at such a high caliber in the state's favorite sport.

Fortunately, we live in an area of the state where an alternative for a good night of football is never more than just a short drive - or a flick of the radio dial - away.