In celebration of the 25th year in Las Vegas, ProRodeo Sports News has listed a few of the highlights over those years. This year Trevor Brazile will advance to his third All-Around World Title in four years and tie Stephenville’s Ty Murray for the most (7) All-Arounds ever won.

Looking back at the NFR, here are a few of the highlights from those special times targeting those professional cowboys who call this part of the world home.

•  1985 Jake Barnes and Clay O’Brien Cooper (Morgan Mill) win the first of five consecutive and seven overall team roping world titles.

• 1986 Tuff Hedeman (Morgan Mill) wins the first of his three bull riding world titles a year after finishing second to Ted Nuce (Stephenville).

• 1988 Jim Sharp (Stephenville) becomes the first bull rider in NFR history to cover all 10 of his bulls, a feat that earned him the NFR average title and the World championship. The next year Jim rode nine bulls in the finals before bucking off in the 10th round. His record of riding 23 consecutive bulls at the Finals still stands.

• 1989 Ty Murray (Stephenville) wins the first of six consecutive All-Around world titles, becoming the sport’s youngest world champion all-around cowboy at age 20. The following year Ty became the first PRCA cowboy to earn more than $200,000 in a single season with his earnings of $213,772.

• 1997 Speed Williams (DeLeon) and Rich Skelton win the first of their record eight team roping world titles.

• 1998 Ty Murray set the PRCA record by winning his seventh All-Around title.

• 2003 Cody Ohl (Hico) set the Wrangler NFR tie-down roping record with a 6.5 second run in Round 10. He won the world title.

•  2006 Cody Ohl sets a tie-down roping earnings record of $298,112 that still stands. He won the average and more than $130,000 at the NFR. His regular season earnings total of $165,460 is a record for his event.

• 2007 Walt Woodard (Huckabay) sets a PRCA record for longest time between world titles, 26 years, after winning the gold buckle. His first world title was 1981.

•  2008 Matt Sherwood and Randon Adams (Dublin) set single event earning records after finishing the season with