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Brownwood Bulletin

BROWNWOOD - Jeremy Alcorn and Scott McDaniel followed their opening round 62 with a 12-under par 60 on Sunday to run away with the championship flight title at the 2007 TexasBank Golf Classic, hosted by the Brownwood Country Club.

Alcorn and McDaniel, who finished with a two-day total of 122, coasted to a three-shot victory over the runner-up team of Frank Dietrich and Joe Don Slawson, of Stephenville, which carded a 62 Sunday to post a 125 total.

After the first 18 holes of the 36-hole event, Alcorn and McDaniel shared the lead with Mike Schulte and Manny Bhatka, who finished fourth with a 130 after posting a Sunday 68.

Jeff Hamm and Nathan Wilson recorded their second straight 64 to finish with a 128, which was good for third place.

In the presidents flight, Michael Healer and Chicken Thomas broke a

five-way tie for first place with a Sunday 64, giving them a two-round total of 130 and a two-shot victory over the teams of Matt Giles and Walan Kite (66-66=132), Bob Bitters and Kennon McLean (66-66=132) and Phil Fenton and C. Norman Tinkler (67-65=132).

Mac Hughes and Bart Johnson were one stroke better than Matt Glenn and Jason Cunningham Sunday as their round of 65 earned them the first flight championship. Both teams fired 67s on Saturday, and Hughes and Johnson finished with a 132 to Cunningham and Glennís 133.

In the second flight, Pete and Chance Pearce shared the top spot along with Earl and Greg Harriss. Team Harriss led after the first round, but fired a Sunday 71, while the Pearces charged with a closing round of 69. Both teams finished with 135 totals.

Scott and Jerry Lancaster finished one shot ahead of Rick Shaffer and Randy Chiles in the third flight. The Lancasters shot a 69 Sunday for a 141 total, while Chiles and Shaffer carded a 68 and finished with a 142.

The fourth flight ended just as it did after the first round ó with Joe Martin and Dana Smith owning a one-shot cushion over Bill Hamilton and Robert Connaway. Both teams shot 74s Sunday as Martin and Smith finished with a 147 two-day total.

Ninety teams competed in this yearís event. Listed below are the final results:


1. Jeremy Alcorn-Scott McDaniel 62-60=122

2. Frank Dietrich-Joe Don Slawson 63-62=125

3. Jeff Hamm-Nathan Wilson 64-64=128

4. Mike Schulte-Manny Bhatka 62-68=130

t5. Wayne Herring-John Locklin 66-65=131

t5. Rody McElreath-Colby Watts 67-64=131

t7. Richard Pringle-David May 65-68=133

t7. Chris Hall-Mike Chapman 66-67=133

9. Tom Hale-Jeff Low 69-68=137


1. Michael Healer-Chicken Thomas 66-64=130

t2. Walan Kite-Matt Giles 66-66=132

t2. Bob Bitters-Kennon McLean 66-66=132

t2. Phil Fenton-C. Norman Tinkler 67-65=132

t5. Derek Boscamp-Greg Denison 66-69=135

t5. Alan Grider-Rex Mayes 66-69=135

t5. David Leach-Mike Pool 67-68=135

t5. Randy Oehrlein-Tim Oehrlein 71-64=135

t9. Jay Timmins-Ray West 70-66=136

t9. Craig Auldridge-Chip Head 67-69=136

t9. John Watson-Leo Underwood 68-68=136

t12. Bryce Harris-Wendell Olson 68-69=137

t12. Richard Davis-Frank Allgood 69-68=137

t14. Jon Virostek-Ronald Hill 72-66=138

t14. Sean McAlister-Kelly Blackburn 68-70=138

16. Robert Campbell-Boots Elliott 72-68=140

17. Trent Tidwell-Jody Glasgow 73-68=141


1. Mac Hughes-Bart Johnson 67-65=132

2. Jason Cunningham-Matt Glenn 67-66=133

t3. Denny Cheney-Dennis Sokol 68-67=135

t3. Brad Shugart-Randy Smith 70-65=135

5. M.C. Yocham-Mike Watson 69-67=136

t6. Terry Eckermann-Ricky Haynie 67-70=137

t6. Jaime Hernandez-Charlie Thomas 67-70=137

8. Don Bird-Scott Bird 68-70=138

t9. Will Carrier-Andy Gill 71-68=139

t9. Cliff Southard-Will Flaa 71-68=139

t9. Ronnie Wade-Robert Mieras 69-70=139

t12. Charles Cassle-David Shoemaker 69-72=141

t12. Craig Sebek-Boyd Sharp 71-70=141

14. Mike Malone-Paul Burleson 71-71=142

15. Charlie Quick-Darwin Boscamp 75-69=144

t16. Ken Walker- Scott Anderson 72-73=145

t16. Dave Olhausen-Mike Hall 73-72=145

18. Robert Henry Johnson-Bryan Boyd 73-73=146


t1. Pete Pearce-Chance Pearce 66-69=135

t1. Earl Harriss-Greg Harriss 64-71=135

3. Greg Dodds-Jeff Roberts 69-68=137

t4. Tommy Carr-Rickey Carr 68-71=139

t4. Johnny Tedford-Bobby Seale 69-70=139

t4. Jerry Hunter-Buddie Lasater 70-69=139

t7. Jerry Don Gleaton-Tim Goodwin 65-75=140

t7. Jim Gafken-Adam Gafken 70-70=140

t9. Jason Chapman-Elmer Chapman 73-70=143

t9. David Stroud-Bryan Raschke 71-72=143

t9. Doran Lemke-David Markham 69-74=143

12. Paul Underwood-Terry Olson 71-73=144

13. Steve Fryar-Moses Cisneros 71-76=147

14. Frank Bridges-Stuart Bridges 75-73=148

15. Charles Pattillo-Buddy Reynolds 78-75=153

16. Chuck Jahant-Scott Nabers 84-85=169


1. Jerry Lancaster-Scott Lancaster 72-69=141

2. Rick Shaffer-Randy Chiles 74-68=142

t3. Dennis Simpson-Terry Igou 74-69=143

t3. Jeff Loudermilk-Stephen Heers 71-72=143

5. Bob Rodgers-Neal Gilbert 71-73=144

6. Bob Bryant-Benny Wilson 73-72=145

7. Mike Magnotti-Ronnie Brown 75-72=147

t8. Don Jones-Tommy Corbell 72-76=148

t8. Tom Bowles-Rocky Garcia 75-73=148

t10. Ron Wulf-James Young 74-75=149

t10. Jack Smith-Cody Smith 76-73=149

t10. Walt Williams-Niknik Wilson 76-73=149

13. Bill Murrell-Buddy Newsome 76-76=152

14. Bob Wood-Phil Fox 76-79=155


1. Joe Martin-Dana Smith 73-74=147

2. Bill Hamilton-Robert Connaway 74-74=148

3. Charles McDonald-Sean McDonald 78-73=151

4. Bill Pringle-Russell Merket 79-73=152

5. Gregg Rice-Norm Rogers 78-75=153

6. Bob Boatright-Corkey Solomon 75-79=154

7. Doug Johnston-Keven Low 80-76=156

t8. Brad Thornton-Earl Thornton 76-81=157

t8. Mike Walker-Joe Thompson 82-75=157

10. Ben Cornish-Jerry Lee 79-80=159

11. Bobby Waller-Steve Christopher 80-83=163

t12. Jim Petre-Gregg McMurtrie 78-86=164

t12. John Chisholm-Chris Monson 83-81=164

t14. Bob Brincefield-Bill Crist 81-85=166

t14. Izzy Templeton-Ross Neel 78-88=166

16. Paul Waldrop-David Grimsley 85-84=169