Stephenville's eighth grade B team left the field victorious at Tuesday night's football game.

Hunter Bernays gets a good start to the game with a 23-yard pass to Jeck White for a touchdown in the first quarter.

Jackets continue to build on their lead in the second quarter with a 21-yard pass from Bernays to Austin Burns for another Jacket touchdown. Jackets decide to have Bernays run the ball for the PAT.

Jackets go into the third quarter with a 14-point lead. Still not satisfied with the score, White makes a 49-yard run for another six points. Cameron Burris also adds six points to the Jacket scoreboard with a 5-yard run into the end zone in the third quarter. Bernays builds the Jackets lead even higher with an extra point run in the third quarter.

Adam Noonkester ruins any last hopes that Mineral Wells might have had of coming back with a 3-yard run into the end zone for another six points in the fourth quarter.

Erik Resindez scores the last two points of the game with an extra point run.

Offensive standouts for the game were Bray Rogers, Skylar Bell, Blake Spears, Dakota Denning, and Trevor Stevens.

Defensive standouts were Burris, and Burns. Fumble recoveries were made by Burris, Travis Powell, and Saquille Travis.