Sooner or later it was bound to happen.

A Class 4A or 5A school would play exceptional football for a full season, setting up a home showdown with another power house for a district championship.

One problem - good `ole home stadium is slightly less than half the size of the capacity needed for such an event. Because of this, the limited seats are sold out early, and thousands are turned away.

This very scenario has come to life this week as Stephenville prepares to travel to Everman with hopes of winning the 8-4A crown.

Each school was provided only 2,000 tickets to sale. Despite slow pre-sales at Stephenville High School, a sell-out crowd will be on hand.

Rumor has it that some of the football parents made an early trip to Everman and purchased tickets there just to be safe.

All this to see a high school football game - and still the UIL refuses to allow Friday night contests to be aired live on television.

Why not?

Because it deters fans from going out to the games since they can sit at home and watch?

Give me a break.

This game sells out if you put it on in prime time on ESPN!

I'm sure that would have DVR and Tivo sells spiking to an all-time high this week in Stephenville.

As many people as the Everman ISD will allow in the gates Friday are going to be there - no matter what television coverage, or lack thereof, is provided.

And are they worried about attendance at other games suffering because the Jackets and Bulldogs are conveniently right there in the living room on the tube?

Come on!

I doubt if any fans from Dublin or Hico, or any of the Fort Worth schools involved in games with playoff implications, are going to avert their plans from attending their own big game because No. 1 is fighting with No. 8 on the TV.

Think about the hundreds - thousands? - of fans who want to be at the game but can't because of the unfortunate ticket scenario.

I guess they have their radios. But they deserve to see it.

The UIL has a chance to share its best bet of the weekend for high-caliber, marketable competition with thousands of viewers who are begging for a chance to see it.

Instead, we have the rule.

No live television broadcasts allowed for Friday night games.

By the way, KTXA Channel 21 has two hours of news followed by an hour of Dr. Phil on its prime time schedule Friday night, while I can't help but notice that another DFW-area station, KDFI Channel 27, is showing the 1979 hit Rocky II, followed by The Tyra Banks Show.

Ok, so I like Rocky, but give me some football already.

Too bad.

Hey - Did I hear right that Stephenville is playing on Thursday next week?