Seven competitors from Stephenville’s TNT TaeKwonDo competed recently in the Amateur Organization of Karate State Finals and in the World Elite Breakers Finals in Abilene, according to instructor Troy Smith.

“We took seven competitors this year of the 15 we had qualified, and ended up with eight titles,” Smith said in an email.

Among the highlights for the local entrants were Alex Rogers winning his second consecutive state championship in his division in sparring, as well as winning a state title in AOK breaking. He also placed second in WEB creative breaking. 

Also, El Roy Mann won two world titles in power breaking, and placed third in AOK breaking.

Smith noted that Jace Rogers dominated his division to win the state title in sparring for his division. He also placed fifth in Kata and fourth in breaking.

Ryan Leseberg captured a state title in sparring, and was second in AOK breaking.

Troy Smith won two world titles in power and creative breaking, and was runner-up in two others.

Also, Zaidan Bennett took second place in WEB creative breaking, and third place in AOK breaking.

And after a late start in the tournament season for Miles Nault, he finished fifth in sparring for his division.

“Special thanks to Steve Trogdon for being there to support us and coach when needed,” Smith added.