Stephenville High School’s first-year team tennis squad was defeated by Brownwood 19-0 Monday afternoon in a District 7-4A matchup.

“(The) Brownwood boys are predominantly seniors having played since junior high,” SHS coach Karen Greenhaw said. “Considering the majority of my boys have never played until this year I was proud of their effort and ability to compete.

“(Our) girls were much the same; very talented and very experienced. (In) mixed doubles (Dylan Jones and Maci Underwood) kept the match very close and made Brownwood work for a win (3-6, 5-7).  (Our) kids never gave up, hustling and trying their best until the end of their matches.”

Greenhaw said that Brownwood is in second place in the district behind Brock, which will play Godley to decide the final standings.