Three seniors have helped anchor Stephenville High School’s offensive line through the first four football games this season. As a group, they are the Yellow Jackets’ Featured Players of the Week.

At the hub of the offensive line is 6-0, 215-pound center Caleb Smith, now in his third season as a varsity letterman. At 5-11, 210 pounds, left tackle Adrian Cervantes is in his second year as a starter. And Christian Martin is a 6-0, 245-pounder who starts at left guard.

Smith has been a versatile performer for SHS, playing wherever needed — some at guard and tackle, as well as center — the past two years. In addition to football, Smith competes for SHS in powerlifting and baseball, and in shot put on the track and field team. He has four siblings — one brother and three sisters — and all of them are older. His mother, Janet Smith, used to be a school teacher at SHS and Dublin, but now teaches at Hico High School.

Cervantes, in his second season as the full-time starter at left tackle, is a member of the National Honor Society, and competes for SHS in powerlifting after football season ends. He has one younger sister, who attends Hook Elementary School, and one older sister.

Martin, who was on the junior varsity last season, was moved up to the varsity last year in time to play a few snaps in the playoff win over Fort Worth Dunbar. He has a younger brother, Gatlin, who plays football for Henderson Junior High School.

Here are three questions to get to know Smith, Cervantes and Christian a little better:

Q: What is your favorite or best subject in school?

Smith: I like math, surprisingly. My mom is a math teacher.

Cervantes: I like science. I just think it’s interesting to learn how everything works, especially physics.

Martin: History. I enjoy it. I like learning about all that stuff from the past. I think it’s kind of cool.

Q: How good do you think this year’s team can be by the start of the playoffs?

Smith: I’d say we’d grow into a pretty dominant team and match up pretty well against anybody. We get overlooked a lot, so that’s kind of in our favor.

Cervantes: Our goal is always being in the playoffs into December. I feel like if we all play to our potential, we’ll be playing after Thanksgiving.

Martin: Usually, working together we’re a pretty tight-knit group. The hope is to always be playing during Christmas. That’s the best present ever.

Q: As an individual, in what area have you improved the most since this time last season:

Smith: Being a leader. I kind of rolled into it (this season). I feel confident with these guys. They have my back, and I have theirs. It will take a little longer for everybody to mesh together.

Cervantes: I think I’ve improved being a leader. I’m not a vocal leader. I tend to be by example.

Martin: Just stepping up and getting confident about myself, to know I can compete at a higher level.