Stephenville High School head football coach Sterling Doty called on Yellow Jackets receiver Grayson Traweek and the 16-year-old junior came through with the game-winning touchdown catch in Friday’s 13-10 triumph over Everman.

It was a sweet moment for Traweek, who secured the 19-yard TD throw from quarterback Kade Renfro in the end zone.

“It was awesome. Coach Doty saw the hole in the defense and called the two-flag play, and that was me,” Traweek said. “It was my first TD ever on varsity.”

Last year as a sophomore, Traweek was sidelined by a knee (MCL) injury suffered in a preseason scrimmage against Granbury. When he was released by his doctor to return to action with only one game to go in the regular season, he was placed on the junior varsity.

His late scoring catch Friday capped an outstanding game, in which he had a team-leading six pass receptions for 104 yards.

Traweek’s father, Ricky, is a retired dairyman but now works as a manager in the milk industry. His mother, Stephanie, is the SHS principal. Grayson has a brother, Tyler, who is in the seventh grade, and a half sister, Rachel Traweek, who is out of college and lives in Granbury.

Grayson was born in Stephenville but attended kindergarten through second grade in Huckabay, when his mother was a school counselor there. His mom is now in her sixth year as SHS principal, after three years as assistant principal.

Here are a few questions to get to know Grayson Traweek a little better, starting off with a light-hearted jest:

Q: Has your mother ever threatened to expel you from school?

A: I think she’’l pull that trigger if I ever do something wrong.

Q: Do you have a favorite subject?

A: I prefer any kind of science over anything. That’s one of my strengths.

Q: What other sports are you going to play this school year?

A: I will play basketball, track and golf.

Q: What is your favorite sport?

A: That would probably be golf, actually. My grandparents used to own the golf course here in Stephenville (Legends Golf Course).

Q: Do you have a major hobby outside of school?

A: Hanging out with friends, playing video games.

Q: Have you improved notably in one particular area as a football player?

A: Speed in the game and game-time speed. I really worked on my agility and getting my weight up. I gained probably 20 pounds in the offseason.

Q: Do you have plans for college?

A: I do not have plans right now. My goal is to get a scholarship in any sport I can get.