Stephenville ISD’s softball field is officially complete with state-of-the-art turf, freshly painted lines, bull pens and elevated bleachers.

Meagan Diaz, SHS’s new head softball coach, is excited about the new field.

“The fact that it’s a turf facility allows us to play more softball games and allows us to practice more because obviously we will not have to worry about there being issues with the field being flooded or our games being rained out as long as there’s not lightening,” she said.

Diaz said her team is ecstatic about the change, especially because the softball team used to have their games at City Park.

“This is big for the softball program here at Stephenville,” she said.

She said having an actual softball field will save her and her team time during practice because they won’t have to worry about prepping the field before games or having to stay late to rake or chalk the field for future games.

“It’s beautiful. It’s every coach’s dream to have a turf field,” Diaz said.