A three-day summer youth wrestling club in Stephenville has combined with CrossFit.

Youth wrestling begins in October and runs through March but this is the first time that youth wrestling has been able to take place during the summer.

“I've been coaching it for quite a few years. Now both of my kids are wrestling in it so we look forward to helping them with it and moving it along,” said Chris Walter, wrestling coach. “We have never done a camp before and it’s basically to bring in new people and get some new kids in.”

Walter and his team decided to partner with CrossFit and let the students do some conditioning as well.

“CrossFit is good for kids of all different sports and competition disciplines because it creates an overall balanced athlete. It teaches discipline. It teaches kids body awareness. It helps keep them in focus,” said Chris Gerhardt, owner of CrossFit and level two trainer. “With the conditioning comes a reduced risk of injury as they get older and become competitive, but it pairs well because of the mental side. It’s a nice pairing with wrestling.”

Youth wrestling is for ages four and up and no experience is necessary.

“Besides the health benefits, there’s obviously the activity benefit. It’s mentally a tough sport. The kids have to learn to win, to lose, to compete and learn to control their emotions,” Walter said. “It’s a good place to harness their energy. It’s not a team sport so they’re not reliant on other people; it’s all them and they have to learn how to control themselves. If they win or lose it’s basically on them. It’s a great sport for kids.”

After the club, youth wrestling will begin in October and classes will be from 6-7:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For more information about youth wrestling, contact Walter at 254-592-4380.