Devon Roeming is a 6-2, 240-pound senior offensive tackle for the Stephenville Yellow Jackets who not only earned first-team all-district honors last year as a junior, but also excels in the classroom as a straight-A student.

Roeming helped lead the Yellow Jackets to the second round of the Class 4A Division I football playoffs this season, and to the state semifinals in 2017. This year's all-district honors will be announced after all the teams from Stephenville's district are eliminated from the playoffs.

The E-T recently offered Roeming five questions, and here are his responses:

E-T: What do you enjoy most about playing football?

Roeming: “My favorite part is the people. We really have a tight-knit group. It’s fun to see everyone gel together, and work toward something bigger than themselves.”

E-T: What are your college plans?

Roeming: “Right now I plan to attend Texas A&M.”

E-T: Have you decided on your college major?

Roeming: “Bio-medical science.”

E-T: Why did you choose that field?

Roeming: “I’ve always been interested in how human anatomy works and how things work together. That’s a really good stepping stone to get into medical school.”

E-T: What is your favorite type of music?

Roeming: “Probably Drake. I like everything. My dad likes old music.”

E-T: Do you have a favorite type of movie, and one favorite film?

Roeming: “I would probably say comedies. ‘The Heat’ with Melissa McCarthy.”