Gabie Lucero is a 5-foot, 4-inch tall libero and defensive specialist on the volleyball team at Stephenville High School, where she is a junior and straight-A student.

Last season as a sophomore, Lucero earned recognition on the all-district team when she was voted Newcomer of the Year by the league’s coaches.

The E-T caught up with Gabie after a recent home game to offer up five questions, and here are her responses:

E-T: What is your second favorite sport behind volleyball?

Gabie: “Basketball. There’s just not enough time for it. It was different than volleyball. More different skills, and the adrenaline.”

E-T: What has been your favorite moment so far with the volleyball team?

Gabie: “Watching us grow from where we were at the beginning of the season.”

E-T: What is your favorite subject in school?

Gabie: “Math. It just gets your brain working. Honestly, it comes pretty natural. It really challenges you at times.”

E-T: Do you already have plans for college?

Gabie: “Baylor or TCU. I want to try to play volleyball in college. I want to try to get my doctorate degree. I would either like to be a dermatologist or a neurologist. I love medical stuff.”

E-T: Do you have a hobby when you’re not playing or practicing volleyball at school?

Gabie: “Staying active with my sister, Marlee (age 7).”