Monday marked the first day of Stephenville High School's annual three-day freshman football camp.

The activities had to be held inside the SHS "Green Room" because of rain and lightning Monday morning, but the drill sessions later moved out to the practice field. It was a bit soggy, but no one was heard complaining because the rain was so badly needed.

Head coach Greg Winder said 48 of the 60 freshman football players expected to play this season attended the first day of the camp, which will continue through Wednesday.

“They will be going through drills, and learning terminology,” said Winder, who will be starting his fourth season as head coach of the SHS varsity squad this fall. “We had it about the past four years. It’s good for these guys.”

The freshmen also will get to know the high school coaches.

“These kids here at the camp will be way ahead of the kids that aren’t in the freshman camp,” Winder added.

The first scrimmages for the freshmen, junior varsity and varsity football squads will be on Aug. 17 at home — all against Glen Rose teams.

The second and final scrimmages for the high school squads will be Aug. 24 at Granbury.

The first regular-season high school football games will be Thursday, Aug. 30, with JV Blue, JV White, Freshman A and Freshman B teams playing at home in Stephenville against Argyle.

The varsity season will kick off the following night, Aug. 31, at Argyle.

The opening day of school for Stephenville students this year will be Wednesday, Aug. 22.